Visual Website Builder

Creating websites and landing pages has never been easier. Spend less than 30 minutes customizing a template to match your visual and marketing needs, and you’re good to go!

  1. Hassle-Free Website Creation

    No coding is required, the entire process is incredibly easy, and the results are always stunning.
  2. Free Domain and Hosting

    You can get a free second-level domain – just choose a name you like and connect it to your website.
  3. Over 100 Industry Templates

    We have landing page templates for every organization, from restaurants to hospitals. Choose the one you like and customize it to create a unique website.

E-commerce Website Builder

Design and launch your online store, acquire your first customers and orders – all in one day, all in Bitrix24.

  1. Ready-Made E-commerce Templates

    A beautiful, user-friendly online store that satisfies even the most demanding customers and business owners.
  2. Integrated with Bitrix24 CRM

    Automatically add all orders and customers (along with their contact information) to the CRM system.
  3. Order and Inventory Management

    Every online store you create is equipped with tools for managing product catalogs, orders, and inventory levels.

Landing Page Builder

Use our free landing page builder to create your own visually stunning landing page that looks great and sells well.

  1. Over 100 Landing Page Templates

    Choose a template you like and customize it using our block editor to create an unforgettable, visually appealing landing page design.
  2. Free Landing Page Hosting

    You can choose your own domain name and host your landing page for free on the Bitrix24 host.
  3. Marketing with Landing Pages

    Our landing pages are fully integrated with Bitrix24 CRM, marketing tools, and customer support tools.

Sales and Marketing

All websites, online stores, and landing pages you create in Bitrix24 come equipped with a wide range of marketing tools and integrations.

  1. Web Forms and Live Chats

    Capture more leads and convert them into customers by adding custom web forms and live chats to your Bitrix24 website.
  2. Integration with CRM System

    All customers, orders, and payments received through your website can be automatically added to Bitrix24 CRM.
  3. Third-Party Apps

    Install our integrations with external companies to gain even more capabilities for payment processing, marketing, and sales.
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